Have for trade: Rhododendron Seed-YIPEE!

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

I finally have found my Rhododendron seeds! After patiently waiting for the pods to ripen, then collecting them and storing properly, my other half moved them and forgot where-ouch! I found them in the fridge, hidden behind other garden stuff. So, I now have these to trade :) The seeds are extremely small so I am trading seed pods full of the seeds. The bush has a light purple flower but I am not sure the color will come true. Below is the germination info, so you know what you're getting into. Basically, you are winter sowing them and it's rather easy..just try it!

Sowing OCTOBER-FEBRUARY. Sow the seeds in John Innes seed compost, covering them with a thin layer of compost. After watering place the seed container outside against a North wall or in a cold frame, making sure they are protected against mice, and leave them there until the spring. The compost should be kept moist but not wet at all times, and if the seed containers are out in the open then some shelter has to be given against excessive rain. In the spring bring the seed containers into the greenhouse, or indoors on to a well lit but not sunny windowsill and keep the compost moist. This should trigger off germination. If the seeds do not germinate in the spring keep them in cool moist conditions throughout the summer. As each seed germinates we would recommend that you transplant it almost immediately into its own pot.

Sowing MARCH-SEPTEMBER. Sow in John Innes seed compost, or something similar, and place each container in a polythene bag and put into the refrigerator (not the freezer compartment) for 2-3 weeks. After this time place the containers outside in a cold frame or plunge them up to the rims in a shady part of the garden border and cover with glass or clear plastic. Some of the seeds may germinate during the spring and summer and these should be transplanted when large enough to handle. The remainder of the seeds may lay dormant until next spring.

Anderson, TX(Zone 8a)

I would love some! See my list under jessaree for anything that might interest you.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

I would love some of the seeds. I don't have my list ready just yet but I'm sure I could try and get something you may want. Please let me know.

St. augustine, FL(Zone 9a)

Would love some. Check out my list to see if I have anything of interest to trade.

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