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SOLVED: Can anyone ID this?

(Zone 5a)

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is and what is the fruit or nuts on it?

Thumbnail by windsurffer

That's a Mespilus germanica - Medlar Tree (as mentioned in Romeo and Juliet)

(Zone 5a)

Baa thank you so much, this is one for the PDB.

Grove City, OH(Zone 6a)

Baa, once again you came through! Thanks. This was such a neat-looking tree with weird fruit? nuts? we couldn't figure it out (I was with Wind when she saw it).

My pleasure!

The fruit has to be almost rotted before you eat it, it's ... shall we say ... an aquired taste *G* I tried to grow this a couple of time from seed, I suppose I shall just have to save up and buy the tree.

Grove City, OH(Zone 6a)

Baa, we found a seedpod (or fruit?) that was withered, and it was impossible to break open with our fingers. We both tried. Didn't feel we should rip one off the tree and steal it to try to get seeds from it though. Bad policy in a public park (and even more so in a private garden). But maybe when I go there to volunteer in a few more weeks I can ask for a seedpod. Worth a try!

Certainly! They can only say no can't they.

Here is a site with how the Medlar is eaten and why your efforts of splitting the fruit was thwarted ;)

(Zone 5a)

Thanks Baa for the link.

Lupy check out the PDB I put some good information in there but not a recipe lol.

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