Bride and Groom

I have a little succulent, well, it's little because it's a cutting of a plant which was much bigger and I lost - they call it Bride & Groom in this village. It's quite like Aeonium, and then in the R.H.S. Dictionary of Plants there's a plant Aichryson x domesticaum variegata which also looks like it, and it is known as Cloud Grass, according to R.H.S. Does anyone know this plant? It has white flowers, though the one I lost never got to that stage. However, the plants I think it resembles a little apparently have yellow flowers. When it's bigger I can take a photo of it.

Hello Vinca , I don't know if this is any help to you but when I was a little girl my grannma had in her kitchen a plant that she called Bride and Groom . She came from Ireland like you , so I suppose it is an Irish nick name . I'll try and get in contact with my mum and see if she has any memory of this plant and can help you any way , Lilyblossom

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