SOLVED: HELP! Ugly bugs on my poor little milkweed!

Sarasota, FL(Zone 9a)

Can anyone tell me what these uglies are and how to get rid of them without chemicals? These are 4 yellow milkweeds that are new cuttings and are now under attack!

Thanks in advance,

Annie & Mike

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Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Yellow peach aphids, yuck!!! Just squish as many as you can and rinse what's left off with soapy water. This is a good larval food for the Monarch Butterfly, so check for baby monarchs first. I kept meaning to spray mine, kept forgetting. I went out one day and the baby ladybugs(they look like little dragons) were eating them(aphids) all up!!

High Springs, FL(Zone 8b)

Thanks for posting this - they're all over my milkweed, too and I've been wondering what to do about them!

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