Welcome to the succulents forum!

Per member request, here is the succulents forum.



Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

Thanks a lot Dave.
I'm sure many will enjoy the Succulent forum.


Dave, I just love the new succulent forum - hope loads of people come now

(Zone 3a)

Thank you Dave for this forum, as these are one of my favorites I hope for lots of suggestion and imput.

Valley Village, CA

Im new also, and having some problems finding my way around.
If I want to post to a thread where do I do this. Norma

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

Hey Norma! Just click on a thread and at the very bottom of the page there should be a reply box. Good to "see" you!


Valley Village, CA

Hot suggestions:
1.Use chopsticks for water meters, push half way down the pot and wait 5 min. Take out of pot to see if damp, if not water.

2.Keep pinching back those Jades to fatten up, this will cause more growth, and thick trunk. The really don't need a lot of water in the summer months, yes the leaves will wrinkle, some leaves may fall off, so what? If you keep them very dry now, when the rains come they will then flower in Dec.
3.General for all plants.
If it's warm start to water and fertilize once a week. Don't let the roots die back because of lack of water, transplant now with fresh soil, it will give the plants a jump start and make them strong for the winter months.

4.You can start Sanseveria with a leaf cutting if it isn't a hybrid it will come true. Make sure this leaf is started in the smallest container possible and that you let the cut dry out before setting in the soil. Norma

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