Question, compatablily of camera and printer

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It's me again, lol, getting my next digital camera lesson but I have found this the best place to learn.

I have a digital camera 1600x1200 ppi and an Epson Stylus color printer 1440x720 dpi. Will the printer print good pictures using these parameters? Can I assume that only by using the full page that I will get 1600x1200 for the picture. That resizing to a 5x3 inch picture cuts out a lot of ppi but is still great as a picture? How does this change effect the printers performance? Also, can I safefly assume that resizing a picture smaller always cuts the ppi and that zooming in or out in the imaging software has no effect on the picture except for viewing purposes in the imaging software program? Is there another way to reduce the size of the picture without changing the ppi?

Is this enough questions? ;-)

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That's quite a few. LOL

I would like to know the answers also.....just bought my first digital cam (has not arrived yet), and I need to go back to photography kindergarden.

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I have answered most of questions myself, I know there were too many but will show some of the answers.

Inkjet printers with 1440 ppi are fine for printing photos and work fine with any good digital camera picture.

Take as high a resolution picture as possible, when you downsize it you do lose pixels but in the smaller size that is okay and you would never know it.

Once you downsize a pic don't try to resize upwards, you have allready lost the pixels and it wont look right. So save the original in a back-up file or on disk.

Zooming in and out does not effect the size of the picture or the number of pixels just makes it easier to work with for editing.

Good quality photo paper means a lot towards great printed pictures.

Hope this gets me off the hook for so many questions.

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LOL, Sparks! :)

Here's a few tidbits ranging from the basic to the really geeky:

How to Print Perfect Photographs (PC World):,aid,92896,00.asp
For that matter, PC World's How-To Libary is great, period:

Cygnus Software article:

DIY Network:,2058,6598,00.html

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Geee, thanks again Kimberly. How do you save all those Hyperlinks? Open them and add to my favorites?

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Yes, you can do that, or you can right-click them individually and select "Add to Favorites". OR...You can also right-click and choose "copy shortcut" then paste the clipboard contents into a text file. Whichever works best for you. :)

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GW.....Is there ANYTHING that you don't know about cameras and computers? LOL
You sure have yours truly impressed!! *smile*


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There's *a lot* I don't know. These are just my passions, so I read a lot about them (and play, LOL). *blush*

(Zone 6a) is good that someone like you are here to help a person like myself (low IQ learning-challenged individual). LOL

Lexington, NC(Zone 7a)

Oblambert, me too! LOL

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