Toilet roll for teachers !!

Birmingham, United Kingdom

As a Primary School teacher (4-7 year olds in England) I once asked every child in the school to bring in a toilet roll tube.It was Christmas.We then held a 'competition'.Who can make the best Christmas mobile to hang from the ceiling? Silence reigned in school for a couple of hours!! then we hung them all up and the school was decorated with them...and every child had played their part.


Paperboard rolls from toilet tissue,paper towels,and wrapping paper can also be used well in your compost pile.They will eventually become compost themselves but as you turn your pile throw them in whole,they trap air inside the pile and speed up the process.

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Lyndeborough, NH

Can be used for cutworm collars for tomatoes and peppers etc.


Julian, WV

Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls can also be used to start seedlings.
Cut the tubes in short pieces. Each toilet paper rolls can make two pots and paper towel rolls tube makes four.
After cutting them line the cylinders up in a tray. Set them so that they touch.That way they support each other as the seedlings are being watered. They also dry out slower when sitting close together. Fill each pot with seed-starting mix and plant seeds.
When time to plant just plant each one just as you would with peat pots.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

I use my TP rolls for fire starters. I just make a tight roll of newspaper and insert it into the tube and place a couple in the wood stove before adding the wood. They act as kindling. And they work!

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