SOLVED: Which Colchicum?

(Zone 7a)

It is early-flowering; and I believe it was supposed to be C. bornmuelleri. Is it; or is it a different species?

Thumbnail by arsenic
Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Are yours blooming already? :o Ours stil don't have even buds...

(Zone 7a)

Two of mine are flowering; I think they are the same species. The others are still under ground:-)

There are, or rather, were, 2 C. bornmuelleri. One being the species (and still a valid name) the other being C. bornmuelleri of gardens.

The 'real' C. bornmuelleri has purpleish brown anthers, the C. b. of gardens is now named C. speciosum and often has a white base at the bottom of the tepals and always has yellow anthers.

I believe the plant pictured is what is now called C. speciosum.

(Zone 7a)

Thanks Deb! I bought these from Potterton & Martin a few years back; and I think I bought them as C. bornmuelleri. Too bad it turned out to be C. speciosum:(

Pleasure Arsenic!

The name may well have been correct when you bought them it's just the toxonomists got their act together and decided to distingush the species from each other. Either way they are still very pretty

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