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SOLVED: RE: Celosia Argentea This Isn't

Glasgow, KY(Zone 6a)

The group of plants in this photo are the same ones as in the photo from the previous thread, but they are now about seven feet tall, and the dark red "stains" have almost disappeared toward the top. They have gotten so tall that taking a picture that adequately shows the flowers has been very difficult.

The seeds for this came from the same source as seeds which have turned out to be like the true "cockscomb" with flowers that are a fan-like comb. However, from that same source, we received seed for another variety that is all scarlet, including the flower, which has much more the heavy-grained plume appearance of amaranthus. So it's still anyone's guess.

I'm crossing my fingers on the photo I'm including hoping that it will help someone identify this. Thanks for your help!

Thumbnail by sourdoughpete

I still say it's an Amaranthus

Glasgow, KY(Zone 6a)

We think so too, Baa, but still can't find anything like this listed in descriptions or photos of coleus, celosia or amaranthus. Aren't amaranthus and celosia closely related, like one as a pre-evolutionary version of the other? And would that have anything to do with the similarity of leaf-shape and flower appearance?

Yes they are both in the same family Amarathaceae. I've been trying to find if Celosia and Amaranthus can cross pollinate with each other but so far I've only found that they can cross within their own species only.

It might be that it came from a cultivar of Amaranthus tricolor and has reverted a little back to type which can have whitish green or reddish pink flowers. I'll keep an eye out and if I find something definite I'll certainly report back here

(Zone 7a)

Can it be a cross with Celosia spicata or C. 'Flamingo Feather'?

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

I like the first photo a lot better. It was really pretty when it was small even without flowers.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

hard to believe it grew up to be this!!!

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