Journal Jan16,2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all my farm buddies! Looks like more rain today and tomorrow and the next and so on...AHHH! Cabin fever! With a three year old it can be very trying. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts regarding my neighbor. They still don't really know what happened. Not much going on again today, so ya'll have a good day, stay warm, safe and dry. Oh yeah, Is Vickie here? Remember her? "I bought the farm Vickie?" Just wondering..miss those folks. Bye, Lisa

It got up to 56* yesterday, and but is supposed to cool to the 40s today. Here's the picture of the day from me:

It's a picture of my daughter, taken yesterday afternoon - she was helping me prepare my pea bed. :)

Also yesterday I fellow came by and asked if I would let him grow hay and bale it on my property. He was very puzzled and perplexed when I said Thanks but No Thanks. Today I'm heading out to the used tractor dealer to see what they have to offer - I really need to get going on getting a tractor. My fields are begging me to plow them up.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning all. I just put the hog rib cages out for the birds, dogs, cats, etc. to finish cleaning. One of our hunter neighbors went hunting for hogs-wild I suppose-in Texas and was successful. They brought us the rib cages and front legs. I think they may not have intended to give away those front legs so I 'm going to call and check on that this morning. Anyway, we trimmed another 10-15 pounds of meat off the backbone and neck. There wasn't any strong smell so I don't think it was an old boar. I plan to bake it slowly with BBQ sauce or golden mushroom soup. If any of you know anything about these hogs and how to properly cook them please let us know.
We're looking forward to another lovely busy day. Lisa I remember those long winter days with little ones. Everyone gets so tired of being stuck inside. There is just so much to do within those 4 walls.
Have a blessed day everyone.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

good morning everyone,
today is still rainy here-dreary! Today i will be starting seed flats-hopefully 30 different kinds! I have a couple trades to get out also. Have a great day everyone

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

What a cutie Dave! She has no choice but to grow up and garden! Mine is 3 and she is pulling weeds and planting things right along side of me. Such a great thing! Lisa

(Zone 5a)

Oh I am so happy to find you all again! I lost the link to this place and I was searching frantically for a few days. Gosh am I glad to be back with the flock. Good morning from Illinois.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Dave, your little girl is so beautiful. Childen are blessing from God.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

'Mornin' everyone. The thermometer reads 4* this morning and we also have fog. Everything is very crunchy, and the only thing I heard besides our footsteps was owls hooting at each other. I walked the little house dog already, went far enough to see that there were no deer standing in the garden at the moment. Earlier? Well maybe, I will go look at the tracks when I go down to chop a hole in the horse water. Yesterday there was a golden eagle sitting on a rock in the pasture, and recently I saw a bald eagle in one of our trees. The golden eagles have a nest about 3 miles away and they are year around residents. A few bald eagles show up about Jan 1 every year, but only stay 2 or 3 months and are off to somewhere else. Lots of them winter at Klamath Falls, Or. and in the Skagit Valley of western Washington. When we lived at Ketchikan, Alaska we saw them by the hundreds. I used to be able to look into a nest from my kitchen window because our house was up on a bluff and the tree with the nest was about 100 feet below us. That was fun! Speaking of fun, Dave, I checked out the picture, and your daughter was definitely having fun. What a cutie! I bet she wasn't that clean for long. Keep those pictures comming, it is good to see land without snow. It's light outside now, time to check and feed the animals. Help somebody today, it's good for both of you.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Mo'nin' folks. Another nice day here also! Was 64 yesterday and I finally got around to digging fence post holes and got 7 or 8 posts in...will finish it today. Worked outside until 9:00, what a great day! Dave, nice daughter you got there! Mine has been w/me since just about Day One, in the garden, working w/the chickens and other animals, walking in the woods learning about rabbit runs, deer tracks, bird sounds, etc. Now, at age 7, she seems smarter about Ma Nature than most adults I know! (She even had a little "bed" on a lower shelf I built under one of the work tables in the shop for when it was nap time!) RE: your tractor, please don't get something too small (like a Farmall Cub or A)...a good Ford 8N or bigger is what you'll need. I'd really like to see you get a good J.Deere. And whatever you get try to get one w/a "live" lift. IGTGOLDENACRES, well shut mah mouth, I believe I remember you! :>) Welcome.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All,
Cold, windy day here. Dave..beautiful picture of your little girl..looks like a Hollywood backdrop to a moviestar-hehe..bless her! wishes for your new farm! Your goat dream sounds wonderful. I'd love to get a farmette someday. Prices are so flutuating in the USA with land. We paid over $150,000 for our home with only 1/2 acre and that was the cheaper end of area prices. I hope to not get sticker shock when we move to rural Virginia someday.
Garden front..I was able to get a lot of seed trades in the mail. I've given up on a few traders who never sent their part from over 3 months ago. I would say that the good outweighs the bad, though, since traders in general have been more than generous. Today I will continue to winter sow a bunch of stuff. Also, I ordered some new Holland Lops from a New Jersey breeder and I'll get them in a few months. Last night, my reading book was propagation methods (hubby still shakes his, and I may make some hardwood cuttings of forsythia and see how they do. Can you tell the Spring bug is biting? I am surprised that my bamboo is still green and alive outside. This is its first winter and I have my fingers crossed it will take. I did give it a good blanket of mulch in the Fall, so I would think that is helping.
So nice to hear about everyone here..have a great day :)

Forgot to mention... this morning I was walking from our main house out to my house (we have two houses here - one is my office and the other is where we live). Anyway, as I was walking with coffee mug in one hand and full coffee pot in the other, (I drink lots of coffee) I saw a massive creature in the field, about 100 yards away.

As the sun hadn't come up yet, I couldn't make out what it was at first, but when it noticed me and looked in my direction, I saw that it was an enormous deer (buck) with at least 15 points. It was one of the largest deer I've ever seen.

He was just mosying around my property, foraging through the shrubs and generally enjoying his breakfast. He never did flee from me - I finally got bored of watching him and went on into the house. ;-)


southeast, NE

Hey there all! I'm so excited cause I found you! I thought I lost you all. I've sent some e-mail messages about my Compuserve problems. I've got to go make supper cause dh will be coming in the house hungry. I did have some soup bones in the crock pot with some vegetables so all I have to do is add a salad.

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