Help me with my Lithops , please!

I've had a Lithops for four years and all it does is grow to a good size and then fade away and repeat the process . It has never flowerer and I was wondering is there something you should give it to do so or does it always take a long time .If anyone can help me I'd be very greatful and I'm looking forward to your replys. Lilyblossom.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Are you watering part of the year and leaving it alone the rest of the year? Most Lithops have an unusual need for water and drought that does't correspond well to our seasons in the US, so you have to make it think it's in South Africa... - but I can't recall the exact watering schedule.. it's water in the late summer to fall, or something like that (totally opposite of what we get here in So Cal, so having them bloom outdoors here is rare... but I've seen them bloom in greenhouses when you get the artificial seasons correct.)

Thank you very much BontanyBob , I'll try and follow your watering instructions.I water it all year round but maybe not enough.Well thanks again for your help - Lilyblossom.

Valley Village, CA

I volunteer at the Huntington Gardens. We water after they have flowered. Twice a year, the outer leaves must have dried up, then we water in the spring when the new heads appear, fertilize at that time also. All summer we just leave them alone with only an occasional misting or splash of water. Then in the fall we water again and fertilize and leave them alone again with just misting.
Most of the flowers are white, with an few yellow. The Huntington has a rather large documented collection, all visitors eyes are just glued to them. If you wear a ring be very carefull that you don't damage the plants when you are cleaning them of the old fruit. These plants are getting very good light, grow very low in the pots with pebbles all around for them to hide. At this time of the year you can hardly tell that there is a plant in the pot. Crasulady

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