Frugal Mentality

southeast, NE

I grew up with a frugal mentality. Living on a farm, we grew almost everything we ate. We didn't have as much as some but had more than some. My husband grew up the same way. What I find amazing is how people now look down on this frugal mentality. We lived in a mobile home for 16 years saving our money to pay for the farm we live on and saving for a big downpayment on the house we built. It was so funny because before we built our house, people thumbed their nose at us for living as "trailer trash" but when we built our house, they had a "green with envy" attitude. We tried to instill this attitude in our dd which was hard at times when her friends were constantly receiving new clothes, video games, etc. We also saved money for her college education. Some of her friends who received all the trinkets when they were younger now have no money for college. Anyway, are any of you in the minority for being frugal? I guess it's "to each his own".

Lorain, OH(Zone 5b)

I'm 34 and my house is payed-off, we bought it at VA Auction for half its value & it didn't need any repairs, I have not bothered to redecorate, the proir owner had really good taste and used only high quality materials, we payed it off in 10 years. I've never had a credit card, I drive a mint condition 17 year old car (Toyota Celica GT) fully loaded & dependable, Purchases price: $1,100 I bought it last year to replace a 1985 Celica that I purchased for $500. and drove for 7 years (it had 310,000 miles on it & had rusted-out, it would still run but my husband & I stripped it for parts for the "new" one, then junked the shell) And I also have a mint, fully loaded 1974 Olds Cutlas show car, that I purchased 15 years ago. The only NEW clothing I buy are socks & underware, and I still out-dress the ladies in the front office at work. I "curb-shopped" my computer and had it reformatted for $50. My husband and I cut each others hair (then compost it)I am cheap!!! I have a goal, I want to live on a farm, like I grew-up on. I lack for nothing, some people admire me & some think less of me, I donn't care, I'm not the one with an ulcer. '

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

I relate completely. I lived in a mobile home for years, and then bought a house. I'm 46, my kids are grown and educated, and my house is paid off. I have never really taken much stock in what people say.

(Zone 9a)

Wealth is a state of mind.

I don't need more than enough to be happy. I consider myself extremely weathly....I have enough to eat, a warm, safe place to live/sleep, decent clothes to wear, and a healthy body.

Being a hippie-era child, I believed the philosophy of 'more is less' then, and I still believe it today. Everything beyond our basic human needs for survival is superficial, and therefore, irrelevant. As far as pursuing material possessions, I have better things to do with my time here on earth.

In my life, peace and happiness are worth more than all the money in the world. Funny thing is, money can't buy them.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Doing more with less just makes good sense. If you save the pennies the dollars add up. Trying to use unwanted things another way can be a very creative, satisfying and money wise thing to do. When I see the waste and poverty around I think most of those folks could do better if they just didn't waste what they do have. I learned to save the little things to get the big ones. Everybody can do this.

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