USB active extension cables

(Zone 6a)

Has anyone tried the USB active extension cables to make their pc camera cable a lot longer in order to take pictures in other rooms, and possibly out of doors, using their pc camera??

I would like to order about 3 of the 16 ft. ones to hook together to give me about 48 more feet of cable on my pc camera, but only if the pic quality is not going to be hurt by the extra cable length.


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

You know, I haven't. I have daisy-chained USB devices through hubs and such, but never used an extended one like you're talking about, no. Couldn't you just set the timer to go off like you say, only have it save the pictures to the camera's card? Or are you speaking of a webcam?

(Zone 6a)

Intel pc camera. cable is not long enough to reach anywhere

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