Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

i recieved my secret trade from ruby42 today-Posted all the plants in the geral forum. Thanks again sue!

Bloomingidiot-Kim I can not thank you enough-you have a very special place in my heart and garden! This woman is one of the best gardeners I have ever met-she sends me boxes of plants-without even asking for anything back. You are a very special person Kim. BIG HUGZ!!!
this is what I got today!
indigo salvia(huge)
pink balloon flower(huge)
zagreb coreopsis
amsonia blue star(yes=])
blue fescue
hardy begonia
veronica mann's variety
lamiastrum-hermans pride
selaginella-blue peacock-kewl
bible leaf or costmary
penstemon rondo mix
barren wort-kewl
great blue lobellia-mine didnt come back!!!
2 mystrey plants
plus she just sent me over 30 plants last week.
Kim your kindness is being recorded up above!!!!

AS soon as the garden dries up enough to dig stuff up-your getting a box of goodies!
thanks for so many wonderful plants.!
she has a great trade list-i see some things on there id luv to get
thanks again my garden sis-your the best!
tell austin hello!

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