Propagation of Panda Plant

Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

Has anyone done this and can you help me. Will it grow from a leave?




Not having one of these plants, I've never done leaf propagation, but the website lists leaf cuttings as one method of propagation for this plant.



Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

Thanks Dave. I'll check it out.

Thousand Oaks, CA

The Panda Plant, if it's an Adromiscus sp. I am thinking about, roots easily if a leaf is set on a moist bed of soil (very well draining cactus soil, preferrably). Here in So Cal in my garden, these often root right in the garden after being knocked off by a passing cat or whatever.

I believe the plant you are speaking about is Kalanchoe (cal en choe) tomentosa. Depending on exactly what cv they are is how easy they root. I have one that rooted within the span of a month and another that is still flopping around in the pot everytime I water 'cause it has no roots!

I saw a K. beharensis cv Fang today over three feet tall with 'curling fangs' from the back of the leaf over 1/2 inch long!!!

Some of these plants root really well and others act like you are starting business on the moon... I always anchor my leaf starts with ladies old fashioned hair pins, helping them adhere to the sand I use as rooting compound for crassula. Good luck with your endeavors!


Valley Village, CA

Panda Plant, Kalanchoe species. There also 4 color forms of this plant, I do start them from leaves. Just lay on top of the soil and a semi shaded spot and watch for roots, then start to water, you may want to poke the leaves down at this time. I hope am not going to be a pest. Please tell me if I'm in the way, (annoying) but this is what I have done at the Huntington this past eight years. Norma

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