May 17, 2001

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, off to work even earlier than usual today. I made the mistake of complaining about not getting to go to an educationaly seminar at work in the mornings, so off I go to get ejicated agin. No it's really a good thing. But then after work today Oldest daughter and I are going to visit THE IRIS LADY! whooo hoooo. Don't know how many iris will still be in bloom. but can't wait.
Well, my older ewes that got bred late are looking huge about now! I am now feeling really sorry for them with it getting so warm. They look like multiple births for sure. All my ewes have had single births or twins so far. I guess I better get some bottles ready in case I need it.
My three big calves are thriving. But my little Guernsey calf looks like he needs some extra attention. He doesn't look bad really, just not putting on weight like I'd like. Hubby thinks I need to feed him off by himself. Although it's an all you can eat buffet around here, I think he gets pushed around by the bigger calves.
EvaMae, too funny about the tv channels. My hubby watchs QVC or those debates on the news channels where everyone is yelling at each other and won't let the other person finish a sentence. These programs drive me nuts! OTOH he never complains about how much time I spend on the puter or how many plants I buy. and I can't believe anyone would throw away 300 tulip bulbs. I think I remember you saying you rescued some orchids last fall, how did they do and are the parakeets still loose in the plant room?
well, Gardener's Journal is coming on any second so will sign off for my daily ritual.

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