Request for native Brugmansia seeds of S. America

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

watch it Tonny, somebody might take u for ur offer LOL!!! ROTFLOMBO!!!

Hamilton, Canada

Tonny I located an anthropologist from brazil. He is doing a documentary on the cultural uses of brugmansia in the north of brazil. If he finds seeds of sanguinea he will send them to me...I'll share with you of course...

Biel, Switzerland(Zone 7a)

Tonny,when I read this I thought of my oldest son's friend who comes from Colombia.Wheels are turning,and I will ask him when I see him on their birthday(October 7th).I guess the name is different,but I can show him my plants,and get an idea what to ask for.Will let you know when I find out.


Hopefully they aren't too high-spirited,but you only turn 18 once lol!!

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