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Butterfly Clerodendrum; Blue Glory Bower (Clerodendrum ugandense)

(Zone 7a)

Common name: Butterfly Clerodendrum; Blue Glory Bower
Family: Verbenaceae
Genus: Clerodendrum
Species ugandense

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by arsenic
Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

You have this one too? >:(

(Zone 7a)

Lol! I'll take a cutting for you if you'd like:)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)


san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

ummmm....ummmm....ummmmm....that's gorgeous!!!!!!! omg, is there something i can give you for a cutting of this most beautiful plant, arsenic????

(Zone 7a)

Your daughter? ;-)

I'll take a lot of cuttings; have to cut this one down too:)

My wishlist is at the end of this posting, but I am open to any suggestions:

Mukwonago, WI(Zone 5a)

Arsenic..... I am wondering if you love the Clerodendrum family as much as I do? I LOVE Ungandes and wish I could find a way to save the blossoms for longer than a day. Any suggestions? ALSO....I have C. Bungi who has some pups, and one is not spoken for. I know her pic isn't too clear...but I think you can get an idea of what she looks like. Interested??? Email me if you are.
.....Again...a GREAT PIC!

Thumbnail by Renee_O
san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

hahaha...arsenic, are you a male? if you're female and want a beautiful 15 year old little girl to mother and worry sick about you can have this one!!! she's gonna dig my grave early...hahaha!!!

anyway, i took a look at your wish list, but there's only one problem...i don't know what any of those are!!! hahaha!!! i'm a newbie, see...however, i do know what plumeria and ginger is, and i should hopefully have some that you might like (unless i kill them) this winter. right now, the only plumeria i have are 2 kinds of white, yellow, pink and red. i'm supposed to get some unusual ones for christmas, but i'm gonna tell my husband i don't want to wait and i'm gonna get them now so i can start them up enough to cut some before they go dormant, which will be in just a couple of months. i'm getting abigail, japanese lantern, one of the candystripes and one of the rainbows...haven't decided which yet. here are the gingers i have growing, but they are still little (but they are already getting little babies, too). it's the fragrant collection.

Thumbnail by meiyu
san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)


(Zone 7a)

Lol; I'm male; and just 2 years too old for your beautiful daughter:) (Why couldn't she be 21?;)

Both Plumerias and gingers sounds like great trades! I'll root cuttings tomorrow; please remind me, will you?

san antonio, TX(Zone 8a)

hmmm...2 years older, or 2 years above the 3 year age difference permitted by law???? either way, you're still really young!!! how did you get interested in gardening at such a young age? is there a picture of you somewhere?

hey, for the blue glory bower vine and that beautiful brugmansia, i will give you anything you want (from my garden, son...just the garden!!! hehehe!!) tell me what plumeria you have, if any....we'll start there, since my gingers are all but 5 inches tall, yet. the good news is, they're all alive and well and growing!!!

i have at least one plumeria i can send you now that is a rooted stalk i cut a little while ago. it's the one in the picture. the others will have to wait until the end of november, when they go dormant. that would be the best time to send them, as dormant roots...lighter and less hassles (and maybe the gingers will be ready by then too!!)

Thumbnail by meiyu

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