what's the most popular succulent?

Just to get a succulent conversation going here, what would you say is the out and out most popular succulent? the one every grower has and wouldn't be without?

Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

Jade Plant?

Julian, WV

I would say the aloe vera. Very nice looking plant, easy to care for and can also be used for burns, cuts and rashes.

Thousand Oaks, CA

I am not totally sure what constitutes a succulent exactly, but since most Euphorbias are succulents, perhaps Poinsettas are, too (they are a Euphorbia)... and they're very popular.

Well, Bob, you can get succulent plants in many plant families that also have non-succulent members, like your example of Poinsettia and cactus-type Euphorbias, but to be succulent they have to have those thick leaves that can withstand drought for longer periods than most plants, as I understand it. Hopefully there is someone who will see this and explain it better. I know plant families like Crassula can be all succulent, and even in Cactus family, there are one or two that are not succulent. So I think it's the thick-leaved drought-withstanding qualities that make the difference.

(Zone 3a)

Succulents as I understand them are those that have adapted to a dry, inhospitalable area. Some have a few sparse leaves and other have no leaves at all. Most can store water in their leaves and stems as a hedge against drought. Also, some have a thick covering of hair, wool, spines or prickles, which help to baffle the drying effects of the sun, wind or both.
They also include Cacti as succulents.
The most popular in America seems to be the Aloe barbadensis,used for burns, rashes etc.
My favorate is the Jade Tree, which I have no luck with at all.

Rethymno, Crete, Greece(Zone 10b)

Please tell me how you use Aloe for burns and rashes

Of all succulents I like the "money plant" because it never fails to produce a nice full plant out of the most insignificant cutting.

As English is a foreign language for me, I 'd say my favorite succulent is chicken grilled, first marinated with honey garlic & ginger LOLOLOLOL


(Zone 3a)

And since I love Greek food...LOL, any way the way I use Aloe is just break a leaf off and peel it to reveal the innards, this looks jel like and apply it to the burn, cut or rash. Hope this helps.
I must say you speak Englis very well and know all the right words, chicken, grilled, marinated, honey, and of course GARLIC, and ginger.

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

Here's a GREAT resource for cactus and other succulents. I could spend hours there (and have!) :)


I have to CHOOSE?!?

I think that the most popular family is Crassula, who here does not nor has ever had a 'jade' plant? I think they are also called 'money' plant. I think I have 30 or so from this family. I saw my first varigated 'buttons on a string', Crassula rupestris the other day, and was all I could do to run to the register and flee with what my MD money could handle paying for.

I also have to say, right behind that my number of Euphorbias is slightly smaller than Crassula. Finally picked up a E. obesea just two weeks ago, and the little bugger is forming a seed thingy. Any ideas how to isolate this critter so when they pop I can collect the seeds? I don't know how far it will throw the seeds and if they hit the balcony floor they are lost forever!


Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

I have several money plants and they are not jade plants. They are bushy, Then the produce purple flowers,and then finally they produce opaque colored silver dollar shaped seed pods, Wondeful for looks in a garden, a pot, or a dried arrangement. Unless there are two money plants and of course that is alsways possible,

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I'd have to say the most 'common' is the Jade Plant.

(Zone 4b)

Definitely Aloe vera. They're everywhere, from dorm rooms, to nursing homes, to nursery rooms, to the top of fridges. I don't think I know one person right now who does not have an aloe vera plant! Oh wait! Yes, there is one: my ex-roomate does not have an aloe vera. That's why she's an EX-roomie...


Valley Village, CA

You are all right. 'Jades' You will find the most questions asked about these plants, they seem to be a mystery. They grow wild here in my valley in So. CAL. I would be happy to share these plants with anyone who will send me the postage to have it mailed. No strings attached, no trades, no hassel, free, free, free plant. I do not sell plants.
There is more than 1 variety I have over 15.
Succulents are plants that hold water in the base (stem) or leaves. Cactus are indeed included, Euphorbia, Crassula are my speciality, Sedum, Aloe are great, all are favorites. Norma

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Hi Norma!! You sent me some cuttings a couple of years ago...I can't recall exactly which, but I recall them being fantastic!! And I thank you again. I know you have some unique ones, and I humbly say I'd love some cuttings! I have the common jade, the white variegated one, both gollum and the small one...argentea? Do you by chance have the one with yellow variegation? I'd love to have it.
I'm really curious about this Money Plant mentioned....I know there really are several plants commonly called that, I guess it all depends on where you live. Do you guys have the latin name of the one you're referring to?

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