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Bring Brook back!

Ivinghoe Beds, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Word has it that Brook has dropped out of DavesGarden.

This is a tragedy. And I am not being facetious.

All of us who have enjoyed his expert, irreverent, witty and provocative postings in the last 12 months will miss him.

He entirely drove the content of many forums here. He posted here vast tomes of invaluable information, gained at first hand. His absence will mean a great loss for us all.

I am trying to coax him back.

I cannot reveal his e-mail address here, for reasons known to us all who suffer from spam. But if you were to e-mail me - through DavesGarden - with a private message for Brook, I will ensure your messages are passed on (with a nudging copy to Dave).

Will you please all do that?


PS: My motive? Pure self-interest. I will miss Brook as a jousting partner. We often disagreed. But our eloquent disagreements on this site - lit up this site.

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