Snow Plant 'sanguinea'

Citrus Heights, CA(Zone 9b)

Snow Plant

Common name: Snow Plant 'sanguinea'
Family: Ericaceae
Genus: Sarcodes

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Thumbnail by CoyoteSpirit
Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

Nice shot of a plant few of us will ever see. Keep up the good work.

Citrus Heights, CA(Zone 9b)

Thank You! I Know they are supposed to be rare and indiginous only to the sierras but i see them all the time when I'm hiking there. I sometimes forget that most have never seen them. They are actually a plant without clorophyl that lives off other plants and decomposed leaves.

I live in Central Oregon, and I see those while hiking all year round, although the ones up here are darker, more reddish brown in color. I'll take a pic next time I'm out.

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

I have seen them in the San Gabriel Mountains (Los Angeles County - Transverse Ranges) also.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

(hint, hint)...these comments would be recorded for posterity if you put them in the PDB, and not just in the forum here :-)

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

According to Peterson's "Pacific States Wildflowers", this plant is found in the mountains of California and southern Oregon. It also says, "Do not pick," so it must be true that they are pretty rare.

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