Cane Begonia, Angel Wing Begonia (Begonia coccinea)

Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Common name: Cane Begonia, Angel Wing Begonia
Family: Begoniaceae
Genus: Begonia
Species coccinea

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by eloopj

hi, eloopj... PLS. DON'T IGNORE ME!

i'm telling you that i'm from Romania so if my english sounds a little "funny", you'll know why...
Now... i don't really know how this's my first time on a site like this.I will give you my e-mail address, since i don't know, yet, how i would get my answer from you...
The reason i contacted you is that i have a plant like this one (Begonia coccinea) and it grows straight up... I don't kind of like it this way and i was wondering if i could do smth to it (like cut it, for example) so it would grow differently...The problem is that i don't know how this plant grows... could i obtain something like...a lot of brunches out of it, a tree-like or...i don't know?!? Do you have an advice for me, a picture with an adult plant, maybe? Pls. help... thx a lot

Farmington, ME

I have cane begonia angel wing like the one in your picture. Mine gets over 5 feet
tall and I'm wondering if there is a way to prune or pinch back to make this branch
out and get bushy. Mine does stay in the house year round. Thanks

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