Fritzie meets (& almost eats) Santa Claus

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

We took Fritzie to have his picture taken with Santa Claus & Santa was an ole grouch & Fritzie tried to bite him. Bah Humbug. That's the last time. Next year, we'll rent a Santa Claus suit, and have my husband wear it & I will take a picture of Fritzie with a Santa both he & I love.

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Cambria, CA(Zone 10a)

He looks like a TERRIBLE Santa! I don't blame Fritzie, I probably would have tried to bite him too.

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Durango, CO(Zone 6a)

Man, I agree with Stella, he looks like the last person who ought to play Santa! Poor Fritzie, that look on his face and his body language tell the tale -- ditto Santa. I like your plan for next year, you and Fritzie will be much happier!

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

I like your idea, this guy looks like he is holding Fritzie pretty tight across the chest.

Durango, CO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, Santa is definitely TENSE!

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

I think what tickles me the most about this is how ticked off Fritzie is. You can see it on his face. Another second & he would have exploded.

Durango, CO(Zone 6a)

I agree! He looks like he'd rather be anywhere on earth than held in Santa's vice-like grip. Fritzie's facial expression reminds me of the one our Boston Terrier used to wear at various times (such as when we bought her a pair of red rubber snow boots): "How could you DO this to me!?" Animals have a much more highly developed sense of dignity and decorum than we give them credit for.

(Zone 5a)

Fritzie doesn't look to happy at all, I like your idea better than taking him to another Santa next year.

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

We never took Fritzie to another Santa again. Fritzie prayed for us not to. Hallelujah!!!!!!

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Seminole, OK(Zone 7a)

Just found this thread. Poor Fritzie traumatized by Santa. When you rent that Santa suit next year you might look around there may be lots of furrbabies parents who would love to have their picture taken with an animal loving Santa.

Bet Fritzie didn't leave Santa any milk and cookies. LOL

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

I don't think I could survive in a hot Santa Claus suit. I'd have to go naked inside it to survive and that wouldn't be cool. LOL. No, Fritzie will never have to pose with another Santa Claus but I do take him to the blessing of the animals when local Churches have it.

Mount Airy, GA

LOL, They both look like get me outta here. I feel sorry for Fritzie not at all for the Santa. Santa should have control over himself, instead he looks like the Santa from the psycho ward. LOL. Good for you getting your own suit and having your husband wear if so you can get pictures. Your Santa will get lickee, lickee, lickees from little Fritzie.

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Nega Hills, I even took little Fritz to Woofstock in Harrisburg, Pa last year and that was the last time for that, too. He is strictly a homebody, but we are taking him to a picnic and fossil dig on Sunday, weather permitting. I hate shutting him up in the house. If it is nice & balmy on Sunday, we'll take him. He needs to get out and among others. Thanks for the lickies.

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

How much did Santa hold out for ransome on Fritez?? I'm sure it wasn't for the love of animals. Mike

Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

Ransome?, Santa was MORE than glad to hand him back to us.

Columbus, OH(Zone 6a)

Darby sez: I know just how you feel, Fritzie. Santa Claus had to but me in a headlock for them to get our picture. No more Santa Claus!

BTW - Did anyone else think that that Santa Claus might be a she?

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Dallas, OR(Zone 8b)

What is with the dead-pan stare all of these Santa's have? Ours even looks anorexic.
Next picture is what we do now. : )

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Dallas, OR(Zone 8b)

They wanted to be Santa's helpers this time.

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Dallas, OR(Zone 8b)

Here is a family gathering of doggie cousins. : )
They were all in the spirit of Christmas.

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Scotts Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Those pictures are hysterical! Thanks for sharing them with us. ^_^


Carlisle, PA(Zone 6b)

Love that little TFT. I am more into terriers but they are all cute.

Dallas, OR(Zone 8b)

We had Border Collies for years, and then down sized to Rat Terriers. They are such lite hearted little guys. You can't help but love them.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I love the Christmas pictures of the furbabies. They have such disgusted looks on their faces. They want to know how in the world did we rate this.
They don't hide their feelings at all. Poor little Fritzi, he really looked ticked. All the pictures are great. Can't wait for Halloween.

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