aligator tears?

Fulton, MS(Zone 7a)

Don't know proper name for this or if it is a succulent at all. Lady got it from said to treat it like cactus. Anybody know about this plant? It has slender stalk with large wide leaves and little babies on edge of leaves. When babies fall off they root right there. LOL Gonna have a lot of allie tears if they all live.

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9a)

it could be a Bryophyllum (maybe Pinnatum Lam)

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

When your babies are ready and if you want to trade I am always looking for new plants

Fulton, MS(Zone 7a)

Oh thanks all pukeGreen that looks like it. Wow didn't know it flowered just liked it because it was so odd. Sort so ugly it was cute thing.LOL Sdoglover be glad to send you some babies. You have to help me figure out how, they are like 2 leafs then 2 smaller ones on top of them. They drop them more start forming. Should have called it rabbit plant the way it is having

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

why don't we wait until they are a little bigger and i'll find a nice plant for you also

Ummmm, wanna check any spot that uses Latin, try Bryophyllum daigremontianum, also known as that )@%& weed!


Thousand Oaks, CA

You do NOT want this Kalanchoe in your greenhouse (actually two species of Kalanchoe that is called 'Mother of Thousands')... believe me, the name is an accurate one. I now have thousands of the little mothers growing in nearly every potted plant in the greenhouse .. have no idea how they got into most of them... easy plant to weed out, but still, what a pain. They grow whereever they fall... and to think I purposely planted them once. Fortunately they don't tolerate our wet, cold winters here too well, so those that have made into the garden get severely thinned out (but never completely exterminated) over winter. Those that grow to maturity make great looking plants, with gorgeous orange, droopy flowers.. until the frost melts them.

Fulton, MS(Zone 7a)

ROFLOL---I have the little buggers in anything that will hold dirt. Thank goodness the mammas don't have any more that are ready to drop,but they are forming. Hate to just let them die. But with my luck I'll overwater them and kill them out unintentional.

Valley Village, CA

You are all so right, we don't let them into the greenhouse at all. There are more than 3 that will fall into the classification of Bryo............ any Kalanchoe that grows babies in the notches of the leaves. It's not offical yet.
Many are quite beautiful, the flowers showy, usually bell like, colors coral to bright red. Easy to grow, little care, will grow where other plants won't. Group, I am willing to respond to any question about the succulent family that you need to know. I can always ask my bosses at the Huntington. The cactus garden is it's full glory this next week, come and visit. Norma

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