What a find!!!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

On saturday my dh was hired out to do a job for a lady who is building a house. She needed about a half of foot of earth scraped off so the foundation to her home could be started. As my husband was scarping the ground with his box blade the earth moved uncovered a wonderful treasure!! There were bricks under the soil!! He came home and told me about the bricks...I begged him to call the lady and ask her if I could go get some of the old bricks. She said I could have all I wanted! So on sunday afternoon, with a pick axe in hand, several shovels and a crow bar we started to dig. There they were..brick after brick after brick...the earth was unfolding a wonderful secret it had been keeping..The bricks were hand made my slaves in the 1800's apparently there was an old blacksmiths shop there and it was part of a plantation. The bricks were 6 layers deep in the ground in some places. Some places they were only 4 layers deep. As I gingerly picked up each brick, I thought about all the toil that must have been for each one made, how someone hundreds of years ago made them and placed each one where it needed to be. I thought about how much sweat went into each layer of brick...I felt a deep sorrow in my heart for the slaves....little did they know that someone so many years down the road would hold the bricks they toiled over so dear. We carefully loaded our find...and I will make something with them. I will cherish my bricks!!! I just think about all the 100's of bricks that will soon be covered up with a new home on top of them, never to be appreciated again...sigh, if I could have just gotten a few more....What a find!

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