Tamarind Tree (Tamarindus indica)

Lappeenranta, Finland(Zone 3a)

Common name: Tamarind Tree
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Tamarindus
Species indica

Plant Link: http://plantsdatabase.com/go/54388/

Thumbnail by Mitjo
Katy, TX

Hi, I suppose your tree is very big now. I am from the West Indies, and we had a huge tree in our back yard. I live in Tx. now, and I was wondering if the climate here is condusive to the growth of the plant..If you would like to email me back at [email protected], I would be glad to hear from you.
My name is Kay, but as you can see my user name is letshavefun, so I say lets have fun with the TAMARIND TREE. May be we can start something here- like a club.
Hope to here from you soon. Kay.

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