bale twine

Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

Okay, we all know that baling twine is a necessity around the farm, and not just for holding the hay together. What out of the ordinary uses have you found for this fix all twine? Have any funny stories with the use of baling twine?

Here's mine: When we went to town, my hubby forgot to put his belt on his clean jeans. (Yes I insist he change out of the grubby sheep smelling overalls before going to town) Well as the pants started to sag, he reached into the truck bed and retrived a piece of that trusty baling twine (You know there is always a piece in the back of the truck somewhere) and presto! a new belt. Now this probably doesn't sound funny to us farmers but the kids sure do get a kick out of teasing us and calling Dad Jethro (Beverly Hillbillies). I have to admit, I teased him a good bit too.

Now my 2nd use of baling twine will cross over to the craft forums. Using 6 strands of twine, I made a long braid. Then turned the braid into a wreath 6 to 8 inches across. To this I attached a small bundle of hay for a manger, added baby Jesus from a bead and a scrap of material. Added a lamb from white foam board to watch over the baby Jesus. And of course a star at the top. Add the message "tis the reason for the season" and you have a crafty Christmas gift to share with friends and family.

Another favorite - duck tape!

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