Dutchman's Pipe (Aristolochia trilobata)

Jonesboro, GA(Zone 7b)

There are two types of "Dutchman's Pipe", or "Calico Vine" one has blooms 2-3 inches across, the other has blooms 6-7 inches across.

Common name: Dutchman's Pipe
Family: Aristolochiaceae
Genus: Aristolochia
Species trilobata

Plant Link: http://plantsdatabase.com/go/56130/

Thumbnail by Azalea
Lappeenranta, Finland(Zone 3a)

Wow! that cool and big.......grew you that from seeds?

could you put picture of whole plant?

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I dunno. These flowers don't do too much for me. No offense Azalea.... but gosh!! they're obscene looking! I can imagine they're quite a conversation plant.

Jonesboro, GA(Zone 7b)

No I didn't grow it from seed, My DIL gave me the plant. It is sooo hard to root, I have tried many times unsucessfully to root cuttings. It only had one seed pod, but I didn't discover it til it had frozen in my gh when the heater went out, so I don't think it is viable.

Yes, Poppy, the unopened bud does look a little "odd"! I have one coming on it now, it takes about 3 weeks for the buds to open, then the flower only lasts a couple of days. More keep coming on tho throught summer. No fragrance either.

Lappeenranta, Finland(Zone 3a)

how about normal stick-cuttings? with roothormone?

Jonesboro, GA(Zone 7b)

I keep trying!!

Woodburn, OR(Zone 8a)

Yikes! That's amazing!!!!! I've only seen pics, I had no idea they were so big! of course, now I really really think I need one!!

Cochrane, ON(Zone 2b)

Holy Cow Azalea, that is really something. I have never seen pics of this plant other than in seed catalogues. You have something to be proud of. It looks like you have that in a pot, right? What zone are you in? Great pic.

Jonesboro, GA(Zone 7b)

Yes. I have it in a 5 gal pot, I put it ouside in the shade in summer, and bring it in in winter - I just set it out a few days ago, it has a large bud coming on it now. I am in zone 7b, just south of Atlanta.

Cochrane, ON(Zone 2b)

Zone 7b, guess that leaves me out, doesn't it, LOL.

Jonesboro, GA(Zone 7b)

Not if you bring it in!! Just cut it back in the fall and put it on short trellis.

Nokomis, FL

I have one of these exact same plants, but it's Aristolochia gigantea. Are you sure of the species "trilobata"? There are also more than two types of Dutchman's Pipe. I know of at least four or five: littoralis, elegans, gigantea, grandiflora, but there are many more. Grandiflora has flowers two feet long. This is one of the bad-smelling varieties, as well. Mine has no odor, which makes it a good yard citizen.

If you'd like to see pictures of my vine, go here: http://homepage.mac.com/retroactive/PhotoAlbum9.html

I just found my first-ever seed pod on it this morning and am thrilled!

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Niceville, FL(Zone 8b)

It is possible to grow this from cuttings. Here is my mother plant , taken today. And following that is a cutting that I rooted over a month ago.

Thumbnail by rylaff
Niceville, FL(Zone 8b)

This is the rooted cutting.

Thumbnail by rylaff
Palm Coast, FL

We just purchased a Dutchman from Butterfly Gardens in Coconut Creek, Fl. We are using it as a "host" plant to attract Swallowtail butterflies to our Garden.

Thumbnail by teamfriedberg
Sumner, WA(Zone 8a)

Same comment as Carena...I had no idea these were so big! I've seen photos of them, but adding measurement really gives a full idea of hte plant.

Thanks also to everyone for the additional pics.

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