Source for decorative larger pots

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I am looking for a source (catalogue or online) where I can purchase the larger decorative pots that I can set tropicals in their ugly black pots into. We're talking up to 12 or 14 inch pot. What I really like are those ones that are called "fishpond" pots, but the prices at the local garden center is prohibitive when you are dealing with a minimal budget, as I am. The garden center refused to tell me where they purchased their pots. I am starting a tropical plant rental business, so it's not like I would be in competition with them and sell the pots........oh, well........... I have checked a couple online sites, and if they had anything at all that I was interested in they were waaayyyy too small. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. I am in the process of getting a state tax number so I can purchase wholesale.

MERCER, PA(Zone 5a)

You might try this web site as they sell wholesale.

I don't know how their prices are. Good luck in your new adventure.
Ron :O)

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