Wanted Pineapple lily and Dutchman's pipe

Pernis RT, Netherlands(Zone 8a)

I'm looking for Pineapple lily and dutchman's pipe.
If you got any please email me and tell me what you're looking for!

Boise, ID(Zone 6a)

I have both Pineapple Lily and Dutchman's Pipe. I have seed from Dutchman's Pipe that were given to me and I have bulbs of Pineapple Lily. I would trade some of each for some of your Aster and Columbine. Let me know.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

i would luv to have some-please let me know!

(Zone 7a)

Can you describe a pineapple lilly? I have a plant someone gave me and I think she said it was a pineapple something or other...her daughter brought it to me at work and she didn't really know what it was...just that it was a pineapple something...anyway, I know it's not a pineapple, and it grows sort of like an aloe vera but with sharper thinner leaves..it hasn't bloomed yet, so I don't know if it will or not...does this sound anything like the lilly?

Pernis RT, Netherlands(Zone 8a)

Have a look at this link,there is a pic of a pineapple lily on the page http://florawww.eeb.uconn.edu/acc_num/198900038.html.

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