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Dame's Rocket, Sweet Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Don't know why this Dame's Rocket has flat stems this year?! Looks more like a cactus than a Dames Rocket.

Common name: Dame's Rocket, Sweet Rocket
Family: Brassicaceae
Genus: Hesperis
Species matronalis

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Thumbnail by MOLLYBEE
T-village ;) - Fries, Netherlands(Zone 6a)

These stems have formed "fasciations", a deformity causing many stems to fuse into one, like a ribbon.
You find this occasionally in all kinds of plants, like e.g. dandelions. Last year I saw it in Digitalis, foxglove, somewhere.

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Actually I was kinda disappointed with it this year. This was started from seed year before last and just bloomed for the first time this year. I have had them before and they always looked so pretty because they would bush out kinda. But not this one!! Out of 5 plants, this is the only one that done this. I wonder if the seeds will be true seeds or if they will also form the same way?

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