Adams needle (Yucca concava)

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Common name: Adams needle
Family: Agavaceae
Genus: Yucca
Species concava

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by MOLLYBEE
Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

My Mother calls Yucca "Candles of the Lord." I reckon if God uses candles in Heaven they just might be as purddy as the blooms on a Yucca!

Thumbnail by tcfromky
Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)


Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

Well, Terry told me to try postin my foto of "Candles of the Lord" again, so let's see if it comes up this time.

Thumbnail by tcfromky
Mercer, PA(Zone 5a)

Okay Terry, now what??

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

You have mail Tc!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Hmmmm. Terry, it looks like you were able to post your picture in the PDB. It may be that Dave has diabled the ability to post photos within the threads of this forum. But that's a little odd, so I'll see what I can find out.

Molly, I ended up combining a couple of Yucca entries that were synonyms; in the process your image got moved (the link above goes to its new "home" now.) But can you re-add your ZIP code on this entry?

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Not a problem Terry.

Will do!

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