Aztec Lily, Jacobean Lily (Sprekelia formosissima)

Tokyo, Japan

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight to prolong bloom.

Common name: Aztec Lily, Jacobean Lily
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Genus: Sprekelia
Species formosissima

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Thumbnail by Lophophora
Harrisville, MI(Zone 5b)


Cochrane, ON(Zone 2b)

That is just gorgeous!

Tokyo, Japan

Thanks broots!

But I screwed up and left the pot in the sun, so the flower only lasted two days - if you do this one, you should bring it into the shade while blooming, and it will (supposedly) last for more than a week.

Saucier, MS(Zone 8b)


Hi, friend. Your Jeacobean Lily
is beautiful. Mine are planted
in my border (Gulf Coast Mississippi) in shade & still only last a day or 2.

I did get enough MG seed packs
to frame!! Just haven't gotten
them framed as of yet. Have 2
MG vines blooming now. Thanks,
again for being so nice & putting
up with all us women!!!!


Tokyo, Japan

Hi Honeybee!

Thanks for the info - I thought it was my fault the blooms faded...

Glad to hear about your MG's too!

And as for "putting up with all us women..." *BLG* My pleasure!


Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Oh my gosh, this is the plant that came up in my fathers yard this month. We didn't know what it was, but it sure was beautiful.

We found out that his neighbor lady planted them in his yard last year and didn't mention it to him and she didn't know what type lily it was either, she just wanted to share her bulbs. It sure is a shame that the flowers don't last more than a few days.

Thanks for posting this,

Tokyo, Japan

SoCal -

Wow! I wish I had neighbors like that!!

You and Honeybee are lucky to be able to grow this one outdoors - it's not hardy, so I have to move the pot indoors after the leaves have died.

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)


Yeah, I wish I had neighbors like that too, but I'm happy to say, that I am like that neighbor as "I" am suppying all of my neighbors with cuttings and plantlets from my yard when they see something they like. I just love to share with others.


Walnut Creek, CA

I purchased a bulb some 10 or more years ago and bloomed once. Never again. will appreciate some cultural directions. Still have in 6 inch pot and it has many tiny bulbs.

(Zone 6a)

You might get some more answers if you post your question here

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