No Hummers ????

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Each year when my red Honeysuckle and Columbine first bloom, the hummingbirds come back. It's been over a month of blooms now and have not seen any yet. Anyone else lacking their hummers??Lou

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

me too...usually they are here when my red hot pokers are in full bloom, but not this year, I was wondering too.

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

I get them, Then they dissapere for a while and then there back, It's been going back and forth like this for a while now, Ususally they always stay around, Not this year though ~ Same thing with the Bluebirds and tree swallows, The bluebirds were here about a month ago, And then they dissapered, I thought for sure I wouldn't get to see them nest this year, But they just came back a few days ago and are bringing nesting materials to the boxes, Same thing with the tree swallows, There just starting to come back too!

Mableton, GA(Zone 7b)

Remember it's cooler and longer spring this year too. And alot wetter. Maybe that is causing the confusion for the little flyers?

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

i had a few hummers then they left. i think its the rain and coolness. i will keep my feeders out but until it quits being wacky weather i think alot of us will have few hummers this year. Imzadi

western Piedmont, NC(Zone 7a)

Saw a speedy flash yesterday, wasn't sure it was a hummer, but this morning, sure enough, mr(mrs) hummer returned....


Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I seem to have my usuals like every year. They come by in the morning and again around dinner time. I've never had many, but the few I have are reliable. :)

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

still havent seen a hummer - I hope I can see one before I move, I dont know if they have them in Turkey. Do Any of the experts here know?

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

No hummers in Turkey. Hummers only exist from South Amer. to North America, no where else.

Penfield, NY(Zone 6a)

I had a male appear early in May and he visited the feeders for a few days but I have not seen him since. I still hang the feeders out and have lots of good nectar flowers for him. All my foxgloves are in bloom and the Rhods and azaleas have been. I just figure one of my gardening neighbors has wooed him away.

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Hummer nut, that's a of my greatest pleasures was seeing them flutter from flowr to flower.
this is sad news.

western Piedmont, NC(Zone 7a)

Observed a pair feeding at 6:00 PM EDT.

Thumbnail by gardengym
Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

wonderful picture...if I cant see one in real life, at least I get to share in other people's adventure with hummers.
thanks for posting

Woodburn, OR(Zone 8a)

What's the best way to lure them to your garden? I've put out feeders and planted hummer flowers, but no luck so far, my mom has tones of them at her house!!

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