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My anthuriums and orchids grow under koa, ohia, and guava trees. The guava trees drop too many fruit into the flower pots, where they germinate. How can I stop the guava trees from setting fruit in the first place? I have heard of a spray for olive trees to prevent fruiting, is there a similar spray for other nuisance fruits?

rural, WY(Zone 3a)

I am not aware of a spray. I think (but get someone who knows to answer!!!) gibberelic causes seedless fruits, which may be an answer.
Could you try getting a pole, and knocking out developing fruits? Or picking up fruit as they fall? Maybe remove the trees and plant something you can enjoy?

Owensboro, KY(Zone 6a)

I have heard of a liquid spray that contains gibberelic acid in it that you apply to your lawn so you won't have to mow it as often. If appllied when the tree is fruiting it may work.

If you have the time you could spray the tree with a waterhose a couple of times a day during bloom season. When the pollen has been over moistened each grain will explode. Maybe this will at least cut down on the amount of fruit so it could be managed easier.

Just a thought.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I'm confused. I thought gibberelic acid was good for a garden.... NOT that it would prevent setting fruits, nor slow the growth of grass.

Owensboro, KY(Zone 6a)

It is a very fine line when using gibberilic acid. The strength of the spray can cause lots of things to happen to plants.

At the right strength it can cause dormant plants to break dormancy which could give you a second growth in one season.

I will try and find the issue of Science News where I saw the article about the spray for lawns.

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