Touch-me-not (Mimosa pudica)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Mimosa pudica 6.6.2003/sown 10.4.2003

Common name: Touch-me-not
Family: Mimosaceae
Genus: Mimosa
Species pudica

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by limo
Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Hei Limo, good to see you here :)

Go to your Dave's Garden preferences page and set your location ;)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

I am a bit confused now, there are two web-sites or what?! I keep getting the text "only for subrscribed members"...I do not want to subrscribe yet, I am just getting familiar with this site by trying to but my pictures here...maybe later when I get to know "how to work things out"...then...

When does that blue text appear on the picture? I put that bigger text myself just now by editing the picture, but not that small one?A ghost?! ;)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

I did it, LOL :)! I am from Helsinki, Yeah!

(Zone 7a)

Enda en skandinav, velkommen!:)

Not a ghost, just Dave fixing some settings; the copyright-text will appear on all images if you want it to. You can change it or remove it on your preferences page. Nice plant, it always dies for me!

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Ja, helt visst, en skandinav som är lite "forvirret" just ny, men jag har tid at studera denna sidan.

Hur kan jag skriva lite om mig själv?
-->personal data, how could I write a little of meeeeeee :D.

Thanks for the tips on the copyright, I got the idea now :).

This plant is extremelly cute, "touch me and I will run awayyyyyyy".

(Zone 7a)

Gå til Preferences, velg Homepage. Du får opp en masse tomme bokser du kan fylle ut med linker og litt om deg selv. Velger du siden Picture kan du laste opp et bilde som vil vises på "hjemmesiden" din.

Håper du blir subscriber!

(shout at me if I need to translate; its just that norwegian is quite a bit easier at 2am...:)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Kein problem arsenic - allt forståt ;)...gosh it is 3 a.m here and I am still awake, well I don't start work until late 5.p.m today :)...

Thanks for your help and kindness (We scandinavians have to stick together,LOL), I wrote something down of myself now.
(Love your language and your country :D!)

(Zone 7a)

My pleasure!

Just wait till you get DG-addicted; then you'll be here every night...;) Nice you joined limo; but really... no year beats 1980!;D

I haven't seen that much of Finland; but I love your roads and tax-free shop on the Russian border;)

Have fun,

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Yep, good night sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite :)).


(Zone 7a)

Thanks:) God natt, og drøm søtt!

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