HELP!!! garder snake is living in the rocks by my waterfall

Falconer, NY(Zone 6a)

does anyone else get snakes around there ponds? this is my first full year of having a pond and although ive never had snakes in my garden i saw one afew weeks ago. The other day my pump went down so i was doing some work around the falls and there was that darned long slimy ugly thing. Now im no whimp but i just hate them things. It even left its skin by my receptacle, YUCK. If anyone has any ideas how to get rid of this thing please help me asap......thanks

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi Connie,
Too bad you don't live near me. All the snakes neighbors find in their yards are welcome here.I had to catch five babies yesterday when I was trimming up next to the house and move them to a safer area.They're a vital part of my pest control system.Since they aren't your cup of tea, I've heard that they won't cross a sulpher line but that may be an old wives tale.
Good luck!

Bambarra Settlement, MIDDLE CAICOS

As someone who has had a fair share of snakes in my life (zookeeping, educational zoology, exotic pet rescue, and herpetile population studies) I can be pretty confident to say the sulfur thing is an old wive's tale. Sometimes a different chemical is mentioned (chalk, toothpaste, vinegar, etc). There's no sure fire way to get rid of snakes, and killing one will just leave a space open for another to move in. Im quite flattered when a snake moves into my yard because it means Im doing a good job at natural gardening. Garter snakes eat their fair share of slugs too, so that can be helpful. I know they can give people the heebie-jeebies, but I would suggest finding some good snake literature and reading up on them, as fear often turns to fascination with facts. Plus the old adage "they're more afraid of you than you are of them" holds true for snakes. Also you can consider yourself lucky... where I live, we find dont find garters, but boa constrictors in our gardens!!! :) Naqqi

Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

Now then Naqqi a harmless boa constrictor? The time to be worried about snakes is when you have a Black Momba, they are deadly, when I lived in Africa they were the ones we were afraid of, Cobra's are also not good news plus lots of African snakes that I have conveniently forgotten the names of now.

Last year I had 2 garter snakes visit my garden - in Canada, I was so thrilled, as meant that I was doing something right in my garden, if it was graced by garter snakes. Hope they return this year.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Snakes should be a welcome addition to any garden... unless you have gold fish in your pond. We have lots of lizards in our garden (fence and alligator) but no snakes... too small a yard and too many roads around on which they get squished. Oh well. Otherwise I'd be out there collecting some to keep in the yard.

Highland, CA(Zone 9a)

wish i had snakes.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I had a little garter snake hanging out around my pond last summer. I noticed him with just his head sticking stretched out over the water and his body was tucked up inside the rocks along the edges. This little bugger was fishing! We watched him try to snag a fish... but he missed. I did notice that my population of baby gold fish got drastically thinned out over the following couple of weeks. I didn't mind too much since my fish had already had 2 broods of babies in 2 years and they needed to be thinned. I guess it's best to let mother nature take care of it. Well I didn't mind UNTIL ... he ate Stripe! ~ My favorite baby! Oh Well... at least my big fish were too big for him. I hope he doesn't bring his big brother over this summer!

markleysburg, PA(Zone 5a)

Snakes also keep down the rodent population.

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