Journal Thursday, January 18th

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I put the "pest" cat out awhile ago and it felt just nice and crisp. Only a tiny skif of white stuff on the ground.
I see that over 20 people have read my posting on LP gas stoves vs. LP gas grills. Can none of you give me an answer? This is a legitamate question-to us anyway. We are leaning toward using the grill inside but maybe not with the lava rocks.
I think I may get to stay home all day today. And DGS may actually get some lengthy lessons done with no problems from the computer he uses. DH & DGS put a new much bigger video card in it yesterday. He probably could use a bigger hard drive, but that will have to come MUCH later.
DH seems to be feeling a touch better this morning. I cut my day at Powell Gardens short yesterday because I just had a feeling I needed to get home to him. He was really sick when I got here. He had even thought about having DGS call PG and have me come home early. I think that's another case of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. As he has battled insulin dependent diabetes for 38 years, vomiting is a serious problem for him.
Are there anyother homeschoolers around here? Just curious.
Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone.

Hi leaflady,

I think you meant to post this in farm life, but they have already started a journal for today, so I'm not going to move it over there and cause duplicates.

As to your gas question:

My gut instinct is to say that you should not use a gas grill in the house, but you went on to say it's an LP gas stove, which, from many sources, has been said to be safe.

Now, if you just bought a gas grill, and it is a propane grill - do not use it in the house!! The instructions that came with the grill should be clear on this.

Natural gas, on the other hand, burns cleanly with no fumes, and is safe for use inside your house.


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

I think EvaMae(leaflady)meant to put this on the farm forum. We post every morning over there!Bye, Lisa

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Good Morning! All is well here today - Jake the cat found the heating pad this morning, pushed my seedling pots away and just rolled over on his side and stretched out! His expression said, "Ah, at last! Miss Grits has got something good going on today."

Expecting 2 - 3" rain here today, and temps down to 25 in AM. Predicting snow Saturday. There goes all the new growth!!!

Re-potted seedlings to 3" pots today. My Rudbeckia Goldstrum looks sick! The new leaves are wilting. One day I'll be smart enough to get this right! Have a total of 9 Rudbeckia Maxima 2-leaf plants up. Will try not to "baby" them to death! Catnip is up. Ah, one seed, one plant at a time.


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