Journal Jan.18, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning buddies! A very foggy S.Lousiana morning this morning. It is going to get up to 76* today! Then it is going to fall to a freezing 32* by the weekend. Yuck! More rain on tap. Nothing you can do in this slop here. Lots of mud and muck. Have a great day ya'll. The weather is supposed to be real dangerous tonight and tomorrow here. High winds are expected. That always makes me nervous! Bye, Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

hey everyone,
today is really going to be a drag! yesterday my nieces husbands best friend(bestman)was killed instantly in a head on collision. 26 yrs old with a baby not yet one and another child around 4. What a tragedy for that family. Please keep their family in your prayers. The weather is overcast and cold-just like life here today!

I slept 10 hours last night, and woke up last at 8:00am. It's 35*, foggy and rainy today. Yesterday was a day of hard physical work, so I'm taking it easy today. Will work on my todo on DG.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Oh, notmartha- what a horrible thing! We're so sorry for all of you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.

southeast, NE

Good morning! Oh notmartha that is a horrible thing!

Our nanny, Zena, had a big set of twins last night. She has very big teets - good for hand milking but too big for the kids to suck off (especially when she gets full) so I will have to go out and milk her at noon and feed some to the kids.

It's supposed to get up to 32 today. It' cloudy and dreary looking out now.

Everybody have a good day!

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Morning All,
NotMartha...So sorry to hear about your friend's tragic. I'll keep the family in my prayers to help them through this.
Not much going is dreary and cold with lots of sleet and rain expected. Woah, it's snowing now!!! I was never much of a cold climate person so I'll have to envy you guys in the South (can I say I miss living in San Diego? Ok, I'm also jealous of my brother living in Where did all of these big flakes come from now- it's pouring
Today's a must-do house day: cleaning out laundry room, fixing blinds, ironing, dusting the piano and cleaning keys, among the usual of vacuuming, etc... It never ends, does
Well, have a great day everyone :)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Notmartha, I am so sorry. That is so horrible. I will keep the family and friends in my prayers....

Jewel-Too funny! you are not going to believe this. I am almost embarrssed to tell you, but it is too funny! When you said nanny, I don't know why I wasn't thinking of goats...I was thinking of a human "NANNY" LOL!! Then you said big teets...I caught on...GOATS...LOL!! Just wanted to tell you how funny!! Like us farm folks would have Nanny's for our children!! Bye Lisa

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning everyone. Notmartha, that is tragic news, and you can be sure we will pray for all of you. Dave, did you get your peas planted? What kind are you growing? I hope to plant some this spring, they don't always do well because it gets too hot too fast and they don't even have blossoms before the heat stress comes. So I pull them up and feed them to the horses. This morning have a little light snow falling, 14* which is warmer than it was at any time yesterday, and no wind. Today if it gets up to about 25* I will saddle a horse and go for a ride. Colder than that is where I draw the line. When I do endurance competitions sometimes I have to ride when it is colder, but I don't choose to do it. My horses have been resting long enough, and so have I. They would be excited to go see something besides the pasture. Time for me to get out and feed critters, with heavy boots and lots of layers of clothes it is a pretty good workout. The new snow will let me tell tomorrow if the dog keeps the deer out of the garden. See you later.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

NotMartha, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's death. I'll keep the family and friends lifted up in prayer.
The sun is out now and its warming up somewhat. DH went to the post office. I insisted that DGS go outside for a while.
The computer erased all DGS's schoolwork to date. We are crushed. This is the second time this has happend this year. We have a back up but for some reason it says it can't read/install it. I'll make notes all over in the newly installed subjects that he has done this work. Fortunately there is somewhat of a paper trail to prove it. I'll have DH work on it this afternoon. Maybe he can get it restored. We could sure use some prayer regarding this.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

You had better get on the stick. Mamakane is telling redneck jokes.
I wouldn't want mon cousan to feel slighted.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Bud, I saw that, change it to Boudreaux's widow and a Lafite Skiff,or a couple of crab traps!

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

My deepest sympathy goes out to that family.
I lost my 20yr.old daughter in a terrible multi-car crash in New Orleans about 4 1/2 years ago. I will never forget my daughter, but I wish I could forget the horrible way she and four other young people died.

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

We must all be sitting at the computer today.
I just closed the mini blind and pulled the shade so I couldn't see the dreary mess outside.
I called our market manager and told him we decided to stay at home this Saturday.
Connie (dear wife) and I have both been under the weather for the past week or so and we don't care to get out and make this crud any worse.
Stay warm and dry and watch out for worsening Cabin Fever symptoms.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Bud, So sorry to hear you and yours are sick.Also about your daughter, so sad. I love mine so much, I can't even begin to think of something so awful happening. Yes, I guess I am here alot today, can't do much outside. However, the cabin fever may get a "break" today, I have a Master Gardener's meeting today at 2:30 in the big town of Houma. Looking forward to discussing the spring gardening show that Houma will be putting on. The Master Gardeners will have a booth. We are the charter group of Lafourche & Terrebone parish. I am excited about it!Bye, hope ya'll shake the creepy-cruds!

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