Hummer In The House

North Saanich, Canada

Luckily, he doesn't seem to have hurt himself. He finally gave up trying to fly, and just sat. Hubby looked up how to handle them, and carefully picked him up and took him outside. He seemed a little stunned, and then all of a sudden flew away.


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Ellabell, GA(Zone 8a)

Poor little thing! I'm glad you where able to get it back outside, and that it didn't get hurt.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8a)

That is an immature male rufous. Glad it did not injure it self. Usually what I do to get them out of enclosed buildings is to let them get tired and then raise a mop up to them to land on and slowly lower it to an open door. Waiting until they tire until you can pick them up by your hand could prove fatal to them, too long without liquid can cause them to go into shock. Glad everything worked out.


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