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Red Futurity

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Red.......not to be confused with Rose. Love that intense crimsom on the blood red leaf!


Thumbnail by eyesoftexas
Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

One of my favourite cannas to grow (o:
The leaves of a good c. Red Futurity can get as 'black' as c. Australia.

Gilmer, TX

Pretty, pretty 'eyes'. I can hardly wait to get to your place!!!!!

Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b)

eyes mine are in bloom now too..I actually like this canna about the best because of the dark almost black leaves. Good pic! :-)

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Beautiful. Oh dear, I think I need this one too. Notice the 'need' instead of want? A few years ago I detested cannas, now I can't get enough of them.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Think I am gonna come on down to texas. That is really pretty.

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Come on down!! Kyle I really love it too.......seems the hotter it gets, the better this one preforms, and the darker the leaves.


Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Well, I have been to Texas and never saw one of those. It is wonderful!

Hattiesburg, MS(Zone 8a)

beautiful--I like those color combinations.

city?? lol sticks, AR(Zone 7a)

Im think my cannas could be a new direction-----my roses are getting a little too picky for their own good. love that one!

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