trouble mailing from USA-Canada

Willacoochee, GA(Zone 8b)

just that.... Sending USPS priority and express still takes entirely too long.
11-14 days on average. I get alot of orders going to canada and would hate to just cut them out.
I know FedEx and UPS send overnight, and like a second day to Canada but they refuse live plant material on account of it needing to be inspected.

It just drives me crazy to send something that takes a day and a half to get to the US-Canada border, and than it takes another 10 days to make it 100 miles into Canada!!! I could walk it there faster.

any advice would be appreciated.

Willacoochee, GA(Zone 8b)


Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

What about Global Priority? It'll cost a lot but if you want to spend the money....

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

It doesn't really matter how you send it for cross border delivery. Any transport will only guarantee in time delivery to customs and thereafter do not take any responsibility for delivery anymore.
Plant matter is a rather touchy issue, legally the recipient in Canada would have to apply for an importation permit beforehand.

Darn spelling errors :)

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Willacoochee, GA(Zone 8b)

importation permits are all worked out...
one customer for instance is a retailer for me.
Global Priority does indeed get the plants there in a day... or it gets them to customs in a day. Where they generally sit around for a week.


Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Odd, it should be quicker if the plant importation permit is valid and approved.
Note that the permit number must be clearly indicated on the shipment.

Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

I spoke to Canada Customs a few months ago-they informed
me that if the proper paper work accompanied a plant order
there would be no problems. The order had to have the
permit number (the permit has to be applied for before
placing an order) and it had to have a phytosanitary inspection certificate. This he said was necessary for
immediate clearance by Customs for an individual. He
did question me if I was a business-so there may be more
to it for them.

Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

A really good site that explains the rules is:
it isn't an official site but it is easier to follow
than the Governments.

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