Rose Mallow, Annual Mallow (Lavatera trimestris)

Mississauga, ON(Zone 6a)

Very easy to grow annual in full sun (at least 6 hours). Seeds are easy to collect once the seed pods are dry & store well over the winter until the next spring.

Common name: Rose Mallow, Annual Mallow
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Lavatera
Species trimestris

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by SunshineSue
Haverhill, MA(Zone 6b)

Do the petals of this plant form a "balloon" for a while before they fully open?
I have some plants that look a lot, but not exactly, like this photo. I can't tell if they are self-sowing annuals, or perennials; they reappear where they were last year, but seem to spread easily. I can see that some people might think they were invasive.
thanks for any info.

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