Tree Peonies

Fincastle, VA(Zone 7a)

Last year I purchased a tree peony from the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, located in Charlottesville, Va. the name of it was "Francis Ortegot"
it bloomed this year, if fact just finished blooming..
I have now noticed there are seed pods where the blooms were..can these be saved?

I have several different color peony's in my yard, but this is the first tree peony I have purchased..It was beautiful this year..

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I understand it takes over a year for tree peony seeds to germinate - and another couple of years to get blooms. Since your plant is a hybrid it's not likely that it will come true from seed - if they're even viable. There are always gardeners that jump at a challenge and would love to try the seeds. Since this is the first year your plant bloomed it would probably be better for it if you trim the spent flowers off so it will direct it's energy into root growth. Next year it will reward you with many more bigger blooms.

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