Earthy Colors for livingroom - suggestions??

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

I have a cape cod style house. The livingroom is small and makes an L shape that's the kitchen/dining area. The kitchen has yellow walls/royal blue counters.

The livingroom is currently a minty green. I want to change to possibly a brownish shade. Here's my furniture info: brown leather couch, dark green leather recliner, 2 grass chairs from Pier1 - (woven fabric in tan/small amt of dark green/other small amt of earthy colors mixed in). I have a jude area rug. My lamps are Pier1 style with beads around the shade bottom, tan shade, dark wood.

Windows: bamboo blinds with white sheers that have mint green leaves randomly placed on the sheer.

Suggestions for wall colors? The green was ok for awhile but the room seems choppy. I need something to pull it all together.

Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 6a)

Off white or very light tan walls with blocks of yellow and brown to blend all the colors together. Or perhaps rag or sponge yellow and brown on one wall? You might need to get paint samples to get the right shade....

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm a longtime fan of sage green, (leaning toward khaki rather than the blue undertones in mint green.) Goes great with the earthy stuff, but I'm not sure how it would transition to your kitchen's blue countertops.

Another possibility is something from the linen/pale-butter/gold spectrum of hues. The right shade might help transition to the kitchen yellow, and give some warmth to the browns of your furniture.

Cambria, CA(Zone 10a)

Hope this hyperlink works. I had so much fun this morning, redecorating these rooms. Click on "let's paint," choose which wall and then which color.

Sweetwater, TX(Zone 7a)

Stelpath ~ Cool link. Lot easier than actually painting. Here's another one, behr paints (from Home Depot) with coordinating colors and all... Choose "browse colors"

(I posted this but went back and looked at the Behr brownish paint colors on their website - not very impressive - but they had so much in the store! Also, Ralph Lauren had a nice line of neutrals/browns at Home Depot) ~ sounds like it'll be a great room! With that nice furniture in dark and/or wood tones, go with a brownish, but keep it on the lighter side. Although there are some great dark cocoa browns, perhaps a bit lighter.

To see if you like a color, you might consider getting a quart and painting a few big pieces of oak tag/cardboard or something. Put them in the rooms and imagine how they'll look, especially in all different lights/times of day.

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

What have you decided on, anything? We're redoing our kitchen now, but may do the living room this winter. Right now, though, these are the colors we have. The furniture's different, but the wall colors and borders are the same:

Thumbnail by gardenwife
So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I just picked up 2 gallons of paint for my new living room. It's the same color as my old living room in Asheville, and I chose to stay with it because EVERYONE who came into that room commented on how relaxing and refreshing the color was.

Benjamine Moore, Historic Color, "Louisburg Green"

Thumbnail by darius
Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

darius, my friend had her family room something like that; not Ben M and I do like it. It is tranquil and soothing.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Anastatia, I think that's the most tranquil room I have ever had, of all the places I've ever lived. It really WAS soothing, which is why I decided to do it again. My DR was a deep terra-cotta/red and wonderful, but definitely NOT soothing!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

We thought about getting that kind of lovely green color for our kitchen. We're torn between that and a deep cranberry or brick color. This Alexander Julian "Lobster" sure makes the maple cabinets pop, though. The cabinets are from Kitchen Kompact's website, and I added the wall color using the Signature paint program from Lowe's:

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Thumbnail by gardenwife
So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Kimberly, That's not too dissimiliar from my old dining room, although mine was a but darker and richer. I loved it! I'll have to dig around and see if I have a photo!

Memphis, TN(Zone 7b)

I'm going to paint my kitchen almost the same color as that picture - maybe a bit more terra cotta like - but that intensity. My brother-in-law has that color in his kitchen and it's awesome! I'd go for the red!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I don't think you can really tell the color from this photo, but a deep red to a slight terra cotta on the walls.

Thumbnail by darius

Oh shihtzumom, you got me thinking. I love redecorating. I am partial to forest, moss, and sage greens though but I don't know if they will work for you.

You said you have an L shaped living dining room. I'd go for a swap out on the yellow paint in the kitchen and I'd probably go for a light chamois coloration glazed with a hint of the exact same color as your leather couch. Then I'd look to add color coordinated curtains, place mats, and chair pads that pulled back in the blue from the counter tops as well as touches of the chamois and leather color. Usually when I try to pull something off like this, I select the fabric first and then match the paint to the fabric.

As far as the L shaped combo, I am thinking that a simple chair rail at about 34" around the room stained to match any woodwork you have would be nice. I'd go in and paint the lower half the same color blue as the kitchen counter tops and I'd start looking for throw pillows to accent the leather couch in that blue. The upper half of the walls I'd paint a light chamois color without the glaze. Then I'd add a very simple but elegant one color stencil of whispy autumnal jute colored grass just above the chair rail. This seems scary but it really takes no time at all and very basic stencils can be found almost anywhere these days or you could simply hand paint whisps of grass. The sheers that have mint green leaves randomly placed would go bye bye. Those bamboo blinds can be painted the blue to match the lower half of the room. I'd start this room off by finding a wonderful lounge chair cover in the blues of that counter top and work from there. I'd get extra fabric to cover any pads to any chairs you may have in the dining area. Chairs are real easy to recover and most of the time you're just talking a basic staple gun. Then I'd go looking for a nice throw blanket to toss on the couch to be able to snuggle in and read a book. Your jute rug should work just fine in a room with this color scheme as should your beaded lamps. Lastly, I'd toss a coordinated floor vase somewhere in a corner and add pampass grass or maybe even cattails to it to bring out the earthen tones of the jute rug and the leather couch.

For an elelment of surprise, I'd add a trompe l'oeil mouse hole near the baseboards somewhere in your living room and another trompe l'oeil mouse hole with a mouse and a piece of swiss cheese somewhere in your kitchen. I have an entire tree that is trompe l'oeil in a hallway on the south side of the house on the second floor where there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom for the boys. The tree has toy airplanes and baseballs and such stuck in its leaves and it is simply fun. There are trompe l'oeil steps nailed to it that go up and a sign that says "No girls allowed". It was just the right touch for those bare white walls and it sort of sneaks up on you out of no where when one walks over into that area of the house.

Oh I so love getting the opportunity to redo rooms over here. Sadly, we have only lived here 3 years and all of the decorating is new so I'd say other than the last bathroom that I just finished, I will not be able to play for a long long time. sigh. Maybe we can refinish the basement and make a teen hang out room in the next few years.

Have fun and please post photos of what you ultimately decide on doing as I love looking at how people personalize their spaces.

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

You must be a professional decorator - right ? The details are wild. The funny thing is my original post was July 2003 - but it sure has got you guys going.

I'm ready to do the stairway now - I do need ideas to brighten that area up. It's currently yellow and lavinder. Need something much brighter and more modern.

Anyway, the livingroom turned out to have sage walls, Pier1 burnt orange curtain panels with the added beads in golds/yellows/auburns. The bamboo shades have a greenish tint and add just the right combo for the sages & burnt orange. I have rugs and pillows in burnt orange from Pier1 also.

The kitchen went to white - the only white walls in the house. I have a window that I added 3 shelves in front of. I've put several different colored glass vases, bottles, etc on the shelves to grab the sunlight through the glass.

I've also changed my bedroom from pale lavinder to a medium tan with a deep rose colored quilt& shams. That quilt has the same tan pattern in the quilt.

But back to the stairway------

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

My friends have a Victorian home and one neat thing she did on her stairway was put wallpaper border on the risers (the vertical portions of the steps). The only thing she would have done differently is maybe putting polyurethane over the paper, for it got kicked in a few places by some long-footed peoples' toes. You could do something similar by painting the risers a complimentary color -- or a really contrasting one if you're going for that.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Kimberly, I painted the first coat today on about half my new living-room-to-be, using the same sage green I posted above, after I finished the first coat of Dri-Loc for my pantry area.

I had not planned to paint the kitchen although it's bland... the owner put in those same Mills Pride cabinets, few as they are. I'm now thinking about a similar color to yours for the kitchen. I think you are right about making the cabinets pop.

No- not a professional decorator and quite far from that actually. I have quite a few friends who say I have a knack for pulling things together affordably. Problem is that I gravitate toward earthen greens and not everybody does so I try to exercise restraint if a friend tells me their favorite color is sky blue or whatever. Basically, I like to work with textiles and have a love of fabric and have found that I just get the biggest kick out of play decorating.

I love the color sage. What did you end up doing with the blue counter tops?

Hallways are tough, I'd probably just go with the basic white or back to the sage you chose.

Your accent choice color of burnt orange sounds really great. I would love to see your beaded lamps. If you have a digital camera, would you be in a position to post your lamps?

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