Angel's Trumpet 'Ecuador Pink'

Old Town, FL

Common name: Angel's Trumpet 'Ecuador Pink'
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Brugmansia

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Lanett, AL(Zone 8a)

Beautiful..Do you have seeds for sase?

Old Town, FL

Not yet. This is a very young plant I bought this Spring from a nursery in Gainesville, Florida. It has had at least a half dozen sets of blooms since then, each slightly different, but so far no seed pods.

The problem may really be a lack of pollinators, as I live deep in the woods and haven't established a garden yet. I hardly ever see bees--just lots of butterflies, dragonflys and hover flys. Actually I have no idea what kind of pollinator this plant requires--I'll have to try to find out!

If I ever do get seed I will be glad to share. If you want you can send me your e-mail address, and I'll let you know if I ever do get some seed. I also have several "brug" seedlings doing well that I grew this spring and summer from some old seed that was given to me a few years ago labeled "pink and white" so I'm anxiously waiting for their bloom to see that I've got.

August 25, 2003: During some Brugmansia research I found out that Brugmansia arborea is the only brug that is self-fertile, so apparently I will need another plant in order to set some seeed with my Ecuador Pink. Maybe one of my new brugs I grew from seed will cross with this guy, and I will get something interesting. I obviously don't know a lot about these plants, but I am interested in learning.

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