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Passion Flower 'Incense' (Passiflora hybrid)

Rockledge, FL(Zone 10a)

Common name: Passion Flower 'Incense'
Family: Passifloraceae
Genus: Passiflora
Species hybrid

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by Thaumaturgist
Katy, TX

Hi! I have a few "Incense" Passion Flowers that I have grown for the last 3 years. Beautiful! The funny thing is that this year, one of my plants has WHITE flowers on it rather than the usual purple! Could this be because the Incense is a cross between two different "passions"? Here is the white one:

Thumbnail by goforthjtj22
Katy, TX

Here is the purple "incense" passion flower that I grow every year (including this one) except for one plant which has now turned WHITE (See previous post). Why would it turn white?

Thumbnail by goforthjtj22

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