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Blue Star Creeper, Swamp Isotome (Isotoma fluviatilis)

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

Common name: Blue Star Creeper, Swamp Isotome
Family: Campanulaceae
Genus: Isotoma
Species fluviatilis

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by yvana
Suwanee, GA do you think that would do between stones on a fieldstone walk..morning sun only...atlanta also

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

I think that would be a wonderful idea!!! Let me know how it goes...I want to transplant some of mine to a new area in my garden.
Yvana :)

Suwanee, GA

hi..any other ideas for me for a ground cover...have been thinking about lemon thyme or maybe vinca minor for between the stones

Stone Mountain, GA(Zone 7b)

How about Creeping Jenny?? Mine is lime green and adds a rich texture to the garden. You might have to uncover the stepping stones occasionally, though!!

Also try Mazus works in full or part sun and shade too! It has a fine texture similar to the Blue Star Creeper with purple flowers in early summer. I have pictures of both posted on PDB!

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