Fan Aloe (Aloe plicatilis)

Northern California, CA

Common name: Fan Aloe
Family: Asphodelaceae
Genus: Aloe
Species plicatilis

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by Happenstance
Lakeland, FL

Where did you get this plant? I have never seen anything like this plant!

Northern California, CA

Hi sassytiger -

This particular one came from The Dry Garden Nursery in Berkeley. He has a great selection of oddities, but has not as yet been converted to an online presence. He has a vast collection of books in the nursery office that I think he knows almost by heart.

Check out this image taken yesterday at The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA.

Additional images from my visit can be seen here:

Thumbnail by Happenstance
Lakeland, FL

WOW! On that picture! That's a COOL plant! I want one!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 11)

I saw this picture when it was posted. 3 weeks ago, I showed it to my boss (an specialist in Euphorbiaceae), and we were just drooling at it. Thatīs a very interesting and uncommon Aloe.

Northern California, CA

Monocromatico -

I don't know where you are located, but should you ever need a nice "gift" for the boss.....I'm over in Berkeley quite often and I'd be glad to pick one up for you.

Shipping it might be an issue depending on your location.

Best Regards,

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 11)

Oh yeah, here in Brazil Iīve never seen this plant cultivated. Not even all those species of Aloe (Besides A. vera and A. ferox, perharps). I will look harder for it, though

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