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The nicest thing happened in the local Walmart in their greenhouse..............

Houghton Lake, MI(Zone 4a)

After work today I walked around my garden for a few moments and decided that I should check our local Wal-Mart for anything I currently do not have.
I was alone in the garden department when I heard a strange TThhhhttthhhdddtthhh like something trying to get out through the plastic.
I started to look for the sound . . .
It was a small hummingbird trying to get out through the plastic roof.
The hot house is not too terribly large and there is a door on one end.
Since the sun was just setting the white plastic looked like the sky.
This poor little thing was making some pretty awful sounds.
for about 10 minutes of passing up and down the flower stand trying to shoo it towards the door, I decided I needed HELP.
I found a young high school aged gal working in the sporting goods dept... her name tag only stated trainee
she tried for some time to shoo the sad guy with a small broom.
After some time I could tell her arms were getting tired. We tracked down a larger push broom. Working together we were able to hold the broom close to the bird and still enough for it to just calmly land on the brush end.
This took a few tries but we were able to aid the hummingbird to open sky freedom, we did this just by letting it sit still while we walked out of the greenhouse with it on the broom.

I left there feeling like I had done something really wonderful....after all no one wants to spend their whole evening smacking its head against the ceiling, lest of all a garden friend like the hummingbird.

Watching this creature fly away in the night was so much better then National Geographic.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

That's such a neat story, Merry! Nice to know the employee didn't just roll her eyes at you, too. :o)

Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, I dug all the way back to the last page (76!) of the wildlife forum to see what I could find.

And here was this lovely story! Thanks for telling it!

I once worked in an industrial building where we had the rollup door open a lot - there was no a/c. A hummingbird came n and went inside deep. One of my coworkers had the brilliant idea to place something really red by the door. IT WORKED like a charm!

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